Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Jennie's Blue Bike and Officer Pressley

BREAKING NEWS:(June 1, 1004)

Maryland State Senator Jennie Forehand (Jennie Margaret Meador)gets set to ride her bike from Montgomery County Maryland.......to Charlotte, NC to attend the great CHS '54 reunion this weekend!

(OK.....she didn't actually say that.....but it's been a slow news day....and this site needs a little spicing up.)

Actually, that's the very same bike (and crepe paper!) that Jennie used in a couple of CHS events!

Jennie Margaret and husband Bill Forehand will be at our celebration, but probably without the bike.

...and REMEMBER.....for all of you who are traveling long distances to attend our event......as OFFICER PRESSLEY used to say:

"Watch out for dogs pushing baby carriages!"

*Photo compliments of Jennie Margaret Meador

FINAL......FINAL........list of Classmates attending:

Notice.....there are several late additions......Sam Salamander reports that Bobby Wells will be there (Sam knows that Bobby was one of my first "football heros." Bobby was the only 8th grader who made Irv Edleman's Piedmont Panthers. He was number 13........and one of the best tailbacks to ever play for Piedmont)

Guy Soule (number 19) is another late registrant who will be joining us!

......there are others that you didn't think would be there.....but checked in under the wire! ......take a look!

Registration List, CHS'54 50th Year Anniversary Reunion ...as of June 1, 2004

Classmate / Guest

Mike Andrews Anne Andrews

Darrell Avery

John Ballard Anne Ballard

Jake Barnhardt Amy Barnhardt

Marie Beaty Robinson

Earl Beckham Becky Beckham

Peggy Bedsol Gandy

Jeanette Berryhill Bryant

Victor Brawley Sylvia Brawley

Joe Broadway Rosemarie Broadway

Karol Broadwell Welch Bob Welch

Jim Brown

Don Bryan

Alma Burton Stevenson Lynda Gilmore

Tootie Byrum Nisbet

Dottie Cammer Parker Joel Parker

Diana Carpenter White Ivan White

Shirley Carswell Foster

Robert (R. L.) Clark Holly Clark

Jim Cook Joan Cook

Harold Cullingford Carolyn Cullingford

John Culp Pat Culp

Jim Dellinger Bertha Dellinger

Ellouise Diggle Schoettler Jim Schoettler

Sylvia Dunn Cross Cindy Johnson

Bob Ellis Robin Ellis

Linsy Farris Vivian Farris

Pat Faulkner Zara Faulkner

Harry Ferguson Martha Ferguson

Linda Garmon Huggins Ross Huggins

Jerry Gaudet Pat Gaudet

Nancy Gibson Smith Howard Tomlinson

Mamie Goodwin Baucom

Nancy Grayson

Bob Gregg Elaine Gregg

Beverly Harkey Kearns Von Kearns

Jackie Hart Lookabill Gene Lookabill

Nancy Hartis Byers

Martin Hill Patsy Hill

Bonson Hobson

Jane Hoke Bultman

Miriam Holder Barrett Daniel Barrett

Bill Huntley Bonnie Huntley

Tom Hurt Kay Hurt

Herb Jacobowitz Barbara Jacobowitz

Dick Kelly

Becky Lampley Leonard Jerry Leonard

Sophie Leventis Trakas Perry Trakas

Sandra Lineberger Patterson Shelton Patterson

Barney Lisk Carol Lisk

Carolyn McCall

Barbara Joyce McCall Bennett Frank Bennett

Shirley McClannahan Maynor

Shirlene McGill Yeargins Ellis Yeargins

Herb McKinnell Kay McKinnell

Jennie Margaret Meador Forehand Bill Forehand

Carolyn Minogue Meacham

Mitzi Minor Roper John Roper

Elizabeth Monahan Papousek

Gene Moore Barbara Moore

Maxcyne Motte Yawarsky Raymond Yaworssky

Becky Murray Chesney

Ed Myers (aka Lee Shephard) Linda Shephard

Don Nance Letty Nance

Harry Neely Marilyn Neely

Mary Ran Norton Kratt Jim Kratt

Obie Oakley Frances Oakley

Paul Patton Sue Patton

Jackie Pickard Marcotte Chuck Marcotte

Betty Pressley Leone Richard Leone

Barbara Presson Forrest Jim Forrest

Mary Psamadakis Renfroe

June Reid Helsabeck Mack Helsabeck

Cal Reneau Tomi Reneau

Ann Rich Hobson

Willis Rimmer Ruth Rimmer

Marlene Ritch Beaty Thomas Beaty

Bill Robinson Kate Robinson

Lewis Robinson

Mary Sandra Schulken Costner

Bobby Seagraves Gloria Seagraves

Al Selby Nancy Selby

David Sherer Ruth Sherer

Edgar Smith Sandra Smith

Beverly Smith Garmon

Anna Lynn Smith-Peterson Kearse Henry Kearse

Guy Soule Frances Soule

Warren Sparrow Becky Sparrow

Chuck Spruill Angela Potenza

Andrea Stalvey Davis Chet Davis

Jay Summey

Pat Sustar McSwain

Charles Sweitzer Donna Sweitzer

John Talbutt

Carolyn Taylor Powell

Betty Rose Templeton Palomba

Jane Thornhill Cobb Hobby Cobb

Gene VanCuren Judy VanCuren

Betsy Villas White

Judy Walker Cooley Chuck Cooley

Bobby Wells

Tommy West Janice West

Alton Widenhouse Bonnie Widenhouse

Charlie Willis Jean Willis

Bob Yandle Jeanette Yandle

June Yarbrough Alexander

Bill Gilmore, 2nd Guest of Alma Burton Stevenson

Shane Cross, 2nd Guest of Sylvia Dunn Cross

Betty Cunningham, CHS Staff

Irv Edelman, CHS Teacher

Dick Gault, former Principal, Piedmont JHS

Ruth Gault, wife of former Principal, Piedmont JHS

Frank Harton, CHS Teacher

Ernest Privette, CHS Teacher

Ed Sanders, CHS Assistant Principal