Thursday, June 24, 2004

Midwood and Elizabeth Classes

How many of us can YOU recognize?

(keep scrolling. It'll show up in a minute)

Ran across this photo recently. It is Mrs. Craig's 4th grade class at Midwood School. Of the 34 pictured, 27 graduated with us 8 years later.


...and HERE is the Elizabeth School 4th grade:

(The brilliant kid wearing the sailor cap has requested that he not be identified. However, he is NOT the kid pictured on the Cracker Jack



Here's one more from Midwood. This is a 5th grade class.

Harold Cullingford sent us this picture of his 4th grade class at Midwood. Chances are you will instantly recognize at least 50% of the kids.

See how little we change? Add a few pounds, paint in some gray hair (or skin colored hair as the case may be) and you'll be able to instantly recognize that our event!

June Reid sent this photo in. It's The Wilmore 5th grade...and has at least 9 pictured who graduated with us.

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