Sunday, June 27, 2004

Thank you, Thank you

A great big thank you for a great program that came together beautifully. Martha and I had a great time at all events.

Harry Ferguson

Today I woke from a fabulous dream! It was one of friendly faces from my past, soft voices long-forgotten, new friends now discovered, and the glimpse of a beautiful, futuristic city, rising in glittering splendor above the green sea of trees that is the city of Charlotte, What an awesome adventure was my whole time spent at the 50th reunion.

Maxcyne Motte Yaworsky

The reunion was great. I appreciate so much all that was done. Let me know about other get-togethers, I just might be in town and can join you.

Jackie Pickard Marcotte

I tell you one thing, I've had a hard time coming home!! The reunion far surpassed all my expectations (and they were high to start with). I don't know what happened, but something magical!!

Betsy Villas White

Thanks to the committee for the wonderful fun weekend! I almost felt 18 again (Ha). It was great seeing everyone turning the clock back.

Nancy Hartis Byers

What a wonderful weekend it was, to be sure! Thank you all so much. Although I have only the foggiest idea of what a monumental job you all did - - best proof of how good a job it was, seems to me to be how smoothly all went! Bless you.

Diana Carpenter White

Thanks for a wonderful job that resulted in making the reunion a most memorable occasion. My wife and I had such a grand time, which we will never forget.

Herb Jacobowitz

A tremendous thanks to the committee for all that was done for us. Really enjoyed the bus ride and being taken back in time 50 years.

Bill Huntley

"You members of the Reunion Committee did an outstanding job. My suggestion is that you form a corporation and devote yourselves to putting on conventions, with your expertise you could make a fortune."

Gene Moore

"How wonderful to see you and to feel time evaporate as we caught up on each other's lives. Thanks so much for planning such a pleasant reunion".

Linda Garmon Huggins

"A great big thanks to the committee for a wonderful reunion. It was quite an unusual experience to be with people I spent 12 years of my early life with".

Mike Andrews

"Thanks for all the hard work by the committee on our behalf."

Al Widenhouse

"Just want to tell you and the committee what a great reunion it was. You all did a great job getting everything together".

Mary Sandra Shulken Costner

"How can we thank the committee for the memories of a lifetime?!! Chet and I had the most wonderful time."

Andrea Stalvey Davis

"I think y'all pulled off something rare and brilliant. Ed, Ellouise and Neil completely held the attention of everyone. I really came to show my respect for the work and spirit behind the planners. I didn't expect to be totally charmed".

John Talbutt

"My compliments to the committee for a super weekend, talking and visiting with classmates. Looking forward to the next one".

Joe Broadway

"Just wanted to thank the committee for all your hard work. It really paid off. Everyone had a wonderful time, and the whole event was just great - Beautifully arranged and so much fun! Everyone I talked to said they had a great time."

Jane Hoke Bultman

"A quick note to tell the committee how much we appreciate what you did to make the reunion a great success".

Warren Sparrow

CONGRATULATIONS!! THANKS! Of course, those expressions are inadequate to say what Jeanette and I felt at the reunion. Thanks for being so meticulous. God bless you. Now rest!"

Bob Yandle

"What a fantastic event! Congratulations! I'm just now coming off the "high" of the weekend. So again, my thanks… the committee…..for a wonderful experience."

Ed Myers

"What a grand time was had by all I know of at the reunion…expecially ME! The whole committee is to be HIGHLY commended. It was just so much fun."

Carolyn Minogue Meacham

Thanks for all the vision and hard work for our reunion. It would not have been so great – and fun without good leadership!

Jennie Margaret Meador Forehand

Thanks so much for the class bios. I am in the process of reviewing them and like to think our classmates turned out to be a “pretty good bunch”. They cleaned up nicely over the years. Keep the committee together. I promise to attend the next one!

(Note: Pat had to cancel the day before the reunion began due to a family illness.)

Pat Faulkner

The committee did a marvelous job and I can’t think of a thing I would have done differently. Everything was well planned and seemed to go off without a hitch. We shared the details of the event with our friends here in Minnesota and they were very complimentary of our reunion.

John Ballard

Thanks for all the effort that went into making it such a special weekend. I especially appreciated the “smoke free” environment.

Sandra Lineberger Patterson

Thanks for all the work you guys did in organizing the 50th. There were a lot of people I recognized right away. We should have come down Friday night. Thanks also to Gene Moore for the CD. God Bless.

Jim Cook