Sunday, June 27, 2004

Turn out the Lights it's time to clean up the website, and prepare for our next one. Our 60th? Well, maybe our 55th? How about doing it again next week? I'm all for it. Of course, I'm not one of the ones who did all the work. Those special CHS 54 grads on the committee did it all.

Look Out Charlotte,

We might do this again!

Nothing official, of course, that's just my heart speaking. But as your handsome, highly intelligent, trim, agile as a gazelle, and modest webmaster.....I have a plan. Here it is: Let's let the committee (the worker bees behind the curtain who made our 50th...truly MAGIC!) rest..............for about six months....or a year. By then, the shock of working their fingers to the bone.....for MONTHS making our 50th so successful....will have worn off.

Then, we'll start dropping subtle each of the members; something like, "Incidentally, what have you done lately for the Class of '54?" or "Isn't it about time you got your boney fingers back to work for your fellow classmates?"

Meanwhile, I'll start pruning this site. Now yaw'll keep tuning in...because it's going to become even MORE exciting than ever.......DON'T TOUCH THAT DIAL!