Friday, July 09, 2004

Memory Pictures by Ellouise

Here's a nice verbal snapshot from Ellouise Diggle Shoettler that she more elloquently calls" Memory Pictures."

She even posted this on her website Ellouise Diggle Artist-Storyteller

Memory Pictures has a nice ring to it. Feel free to join in.......and paint your own pictures here on the website, for all of us to enjoy!

-Ed (Your award winning, humble webmaster)

June 1954 I wept when I graduated from Central High School in Charlotte, NC; last week-end I wept as we drove out of Charlotte to return home.

The reunion was wonderful. People I had grown up with - some I had gone to school with for twelve years. No need to explain yourself to people who knew you WHEN! Whose parents had gone to school with your parents. Today what you see is what you get - - pretty much like it was when I walked into Elizabeth School for the first day of the first grade.

Just as I remembered the youthful face of fifty years ago I felt my classmates do the same for me. I loved them for the gift of recognition we exchanged.

Toward the end of the evening a man I felt I should know walked over and said "hello" - I saw the name on his tag and his 1954 picture and really recognized him.

We had known each other - not closely - since the 7th grade. " I used to deliver your paper when you lived at 814 Hawthorne Lane" - he said. With those words he opened a whole series of memory pictures I had forgotten. By his remembering - - he gave them back to me.

I am so grateful to him.

That's what I think reunions are for - to confirm and renew - to acknowledge and remember. To touch base with who we were so that we will know who we are.

Hugs and thanks to the committee for such a great job and gift to all of us.