Friday, August 20, 2004


For two, all-too-brief evenings it was 1954 again. What a hoot! There we were....together again. Our bright, shiny, acne-free faces sharing memories.......straining to read the name tags......and calling each other by the wrong names. it wasn't perfect.......BUT IT SURE WAS CLOSE TO IT!

After the dessert Saturday night the entertainment was a total surprise AND it was FANTASTIC! Ellouise Diggle did a standup routine that was absolutely Las Vegas nightclub quality! That's probably where she'll be appearing next.

Then, the biggest surprise of the evening................Sir Winston Churchill arrived and talked to the class for about 15 his inside view of WW2.

At the very end...just like Superman in reverse.... Sir Winston removed his bowler hat.....and thick glasses....and reverted back to................................Neil Jones!

A truly outstanding performance by Neil, which was a total surprise to everyone except a few....who knew that Neil had been performing as Sir college campuses all over the great reviews!

(Ellouise is also a pro. She's been on the "story telling" circuit for years.)

Then, the dance music began......and the young whippersnappers of 1954 boog-a-loooood............til dawn. What a party! What a night!


are starting to arrive!

Mitzi Minor and Jimmy Cook

Jennie Forehand, Nancy Grayson, Mary Sandra Shulken Costner, Marie Beatty Robinson and Anna Lynn Smith-Peterson Kearse

Pat Gaudet, Jerry Gaudet, Jennie Forehand, Bill Huntley, Bonnie Huntley and Peggy Bedsol Gandy

June Yarborough Alexander and daughter

Martin Hill

Ann RIch Hobson, Jennie Meador Forehand, Peggy Bedsol Gandy, Betsy Villas White, Ellouise Diggle Shoettler

(sitting) Jane Hoke Bultman

Bonnie Huntely, Bill Huntley and Nancy Gibson Smith

Jennie Meador Forhand and Anna Lynn Smith-Peterson Kearse

David and Ruth Sherer

Charles and Donna Sweitzer

Ellouise Diggle Shoettler, Mary Norton Kratt, Beverely Harkey Kearns and Diana Carpenter White

Sylvia Dunn Cross, Shirlene McGill Yeargins and Betsy Villas White

Becky and Warren Sparrow

John Talbutt

Guy and Francy Soule

Judy Walker Cooley, Sophie Leventis Trakas, Nancy Grayson and Mary Sue Barnette

Obie Oakley and Maxcyne Motte Yaworsky

Beverly Smith Garmon, Shirley McClannahan Maynor, Betty Rose Templeton Palomba and Tootie Bryum Nisbet

Mitzi Minor Roper, June Yarborough Alexander, Marlene Rich Beaty, Jackie Hart Lookabill

Robin and Bobby Ellis

Gene and Judy VanCuren, John and Ann Ballard and Vivian and Linsy Farris

Pat and Johnny Culp and Charlie and Jean Willis

Ann Rich Hobson and Bonson Hobson

Pat Sustar McSwain and Nancy Hartis Byers

Harold Cullingford,Jackie Hart Lookabill and Don Nance

Carol Broadwell Welch

Diana Carpenter White and Ivan White

Mary Psomadakis Renfroe and Marie Beatty Robinson

Carolyn Minogue Meacham, Jennie Margaret Meador Forehand, Betsy Villas White and Jane Hoke Bultman

Sylvia Dunn Cross, Ed Myers and Shirlene McGill Yeargins

Gene and Barbara Moore (NOTE: Gene is the guy who provided the CD's!)

Alton and Bonnie Widenhouse, Shelton and Sandra Lineberger Patterson

Barbara McCall Bennett and Frank Bennett

Barbara McCall Bennett and Frank Bennett

Karol Broadwell Welch, Alma Burton Stevenson and Alton Widenhouse

Maxcyne Motte Yaworsky and June Yarborough Alexander

Mamie Goodwin Baucom

"Big Old Saturday Date Night"at Kilgo's Korner.
(He's not Jimmy Kilgo, but he played him......that magic Saturday evening!)

Myers and Gaudet receive awards

Ed Myers and Jerry Gaudet were honored for their contributions to the success of the reunion. Obie Oakley, committee chairman presented both with plaques.

(Editor's note: Your humble webmaster was highly honored. However, the sheepish grin on his face reveals that he is very aware that Jerry, Obie, and every member of the committee is much more deserving of recognition than he. However, please refer to me in the future as: "Award winning, humble, webmaster." -Ed)

It's Time for some additional CLASS SUPERLATIVES!

....and I'd like to start the nominations with Jennie Margaret Meador Forehand as the OFFICIAL CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER. Jennie is one of our most successful members. As State Senator and member of the Maryland Legislature for over 26 years, she still has time to maintain her massive collection of photographs of our days of growing up in the Queen City. I hope you got to see her awesome collection that was on display in the hotel. Armed with a digital camera, she documented much of the historical events of our 50th.

Thanks, Jennie!

Jennie and Mr. Gault

Coach Edelman, Alton Widenhouse, Don Nance

Jennie and Mr. Privette

Becky Lampley, Betty Rose Templeton and Shirley McClanahan

Jackie Hart Lookabill, Betty Cunningham and Betty Pressley

Martin Hill and Jerry Gaudet

Mary Psomadakis Renfroe and Cal Reneau

Johnny Thomason and Bobby Wells

Tommy West and Vic Brawley

Harry and Martha Ferguson

Katie and Bill Robinson

Bobby Wells, Alton Widenhouse, Harold Cullingford and Jay Summey

Herb Jacobowitz and Jim Dellinger

Darrell Avery and John Ballard
Linda Garmon Huggins

Earl and Rebecca Beckham

CHS'54 grads enjoy the scenery, as Warren Sparrow led a spectacular guided bus tour of Charlotte. The highlight was........

watching the construction crews tearing down the restore uptown Charlotte to the way it was in 1954.

Obie Oakley and Linda Garmon Huggins

Herb and Kay McKinnell

Paul Patton , Cal Reneau, Don Nance and John Ballard

Lewis Robinson and Jim Brown

Jim and Barbara Presson Forrest

Beverly Harkey Kearns and Von Kearns

Jeanette Berryhill Bryant

Gene Van Curen, Bonson Hobson and Edgar Smith

Dottie Cammer Parker and Joel Parker

Linsy and Vivian Farris

Nancy Gibson Smith, Mamie Goodwin Baucom, Tootie Bryum Nisbet, Betty Rose Templeton Palomba and Shirley McClannahan Maynor.

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