Thursday, August 12, 2004

Class of 55

Thanks to the internet...and this website...I'm starting to hear from old friends who were NOT even members of the class of '54. For example, Frank Clontz (CHS '55) whom a lot of you remember for his daily piano concerts at the Parker-Gardner Music Store.....and Len ("someday I'm going to own a radio station") Phillips...also class of '55.....and now founder and owner of WAGL in Lancaster.

Frank and Len are part of the committee planning the 50th reunion of the Class of '55 next June....and they're starting work on a website too!

The site is under construction, but it already looks GREAT! (Your humble, award winning, webmaster is beginning to get a little jealous.)

Here's the address:


Check it out. Hopefully their event will be as enjoyable and memorable as ours was!

Incidentally, Frank wrote a nice piece of nostalgia that the Observer published a couple of years ago...that I've taken the liberty of reproducing on this site. It's called "A Walk Around Town" and you'll find it under "archives."

By the way....I found a pretty good history of CHS......on Garringer High's website. Click on "History of CHS".....under archives....and take a look.

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