Saturday, September 18, 2004


Thanks to this website, I’m hearing from CHS grads from classes OTHER than our famous class of ’54. In fact, I’m getting emails from a number of our contemporaries who didn’t even go to Central; instead went to Myers Park or Tech or…..moved away before high school. But many of us remember them from grammer school or from Piedmont or AG or even (horrors) Harding. (Just kidding, Rams.)

I want to officially welcome all of you to our “Little House on the Internet.” You’re all invited to send in snapshots....articles...whatever; we’d love to hear from you.

I’m going to start a new section here on the website……called ALMOST CHS54

And I'll start it off with perhaps the most famous in our ALMOST category: the nationally renowned, best selling author Jan Karon

Of course, those of us at Piedmont knew that outstandingly pretty girl in Coach Edelman’s homeroom as Janice Wilson. (Last girl in second row)

Read more about Jan:

...and another PIEDMONT PANTHER:

Richard Ratcliffe

"Ed, Richard Ratcliffe here from Tampa Bay Area of Florida. I have been enjoying your web site for some time. Found it earlier this year while searching for "1954 Charlotte Annuals". Quite a gold mine of memories.

I went to Piedmont in the 8th and 9th grades. Possibly you remember me as Dickie. I then finished at Tech in 1954. Plus we also had our 50th Reunion June 5th. in Charlotte.

Not quite the grand function your group held since we only had 60 in our graduating class and 10 or more are deceased or missing.

I would liked to have attended one of the Central functions but could not swing the time. I talked to John Culp and he told me about the plans for your reunion. From the photos and write ups it was well done.

Interestingly, I ran into a couple of Central Class of 1954 Alumni as I was checking our of the Courtyard at South Park on Sunday morning after the reunion. Apparently, Central people are everywhere and can show up anytime."

Miss Godfrey's Homeroom

Richard Ratcliffe is in the third to last...(left to right)....just over Conrad Grimes' right shoulder.