Tuesday, September 07, 2004

In Case You've Just joined us....

This is the internet home of Charlotte Central High School's class of 1954! Our 50th reunion was held last June, and is being praised by folks far and near for its roaring success!

The class of 55 is doing their best to match it, but what do those young whippersnappers know about partying.......however, they've already got a very nice website so they're off to a good start! Check it out:

Class of 55

When you're navigating this page, don't forget to click on the many interesting articles listed under "archives"...only 10 stories are listed on a page, so to find more, simply click on an archive story...and there will be 10 more listed in the archive box..to the right of that page.

Life AFTER the 50th......Be sure to click on this link for new photos that come in showing what some of us have been doing since our great event.

Sending Sam to Charm School

We here at the award winning CHS54 website have decided that our ace reporter Sam Salamander needs a little more training in the social skills. So we're going to send him off for a 3 week crash course at the Odom School of Charm to see if we can smooth out some of his rough edges.

In order to pay for this, we have begun accepting ads here on the site.

Here they are:

...and for you comic book fans (like me)...this is your chance to get a Red Ryder subscription....for only ONE DOLLAR!

(from Red Ryder Comic of April 1954)

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