Saturday, September 25, 2004

JIMMIE'S is back!

Jimmie's Restaurant across the street from our old Central has now opened in Mint Hill.

Our ace reporter, Shirley McClanahan Maynor files this report from Mint Hill:

Our own Ronnie Rallis Pourlos and her husband Jimmy (who owned the old Jimmie's) have just opened the new Jimmie's across from the Mint Hill Festival on Rt. 51.

Had dinner there tonite with friends and it was great. Broiled salmon, one of

their specials. Ronnie came over to table and talked with us for a while and

we had a great time.

The Resturant is a smashing success!!!! Parking Lot full and lines to wait in and

meet the clientele!

Ernest Phipps wife has already been in and really enjoyed her meal.

Jimmie's is located in Mint Hill on 51 Just before getting to the main intersection

of Mint Hill. Brand new developement and shopping going in. Over 400 homes

and some Townhomes to be built.

Ronnie Rallis Pourlos

They have really been surprised as to the wonderful reception they have had

and have not done any advertising yet. Would you believe it, many graduates

of Central, who are letting them know they are there and finished at Old Central.

All the way back to 1948!!!!! Ronnie and Jimmie's sons Chris and George own Jimmie's now. But Ronnie

and Jimmie are there most of the time.

Anyone in Charlotte or coming to Charlotte from Central should plan to dine with them and please let them know you are


-Shirley McClanahan Maynor

Thanks Shirley. Just looking at their menu makes me want to gas up the car and hop right down there. "Country style steak, fried okra, fried squash, homemade meatloaf, pinto beans, pot roast, chicken and dumplings........You can bet I'll be there next time I'm visiting Charlotte......! For more information, visit their website


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