Monday, September 27, 2004


Jerry Gaudet has compiled an updated list of "MISSING CLASSMATES."

Be sure to look it over and let him know if you have information on any of our fellow classmates.

(Click on "Updated list of Missing Classmate"....under ARCHIVES....just to the right....and the list will magically appear!


CHS' longest practicing Rambler columnist, Warren Sparrow files a true adventure story titled A Case of Emergency. Click under the archives on Tips for checking in to the Emergency Room, and read about this exciting adventure (Soon to be a Movie).

AND.......Warren has written a fascinating artlcle about THE USS WASP the ship he served on.......while an officer in the US NAVY. Click on the "WASP UPDATE" in the archives.

Also, don't forget to check the LIFE AFTER THE 50th archive often. That's where I put bits and pieces of info that come in about happenings since our big bash back in June. (You'll see a real nice note that Warren sent about his recent visit with Jennie Margaret and her husband Bill Forehand.)