Sunday, January 09, 2005

Drug Store Clerks me mad! I don't know if Charlotte is as drugstore clerk my town of Falls Church, Virginia is........but I'm seriously considering never going to the drugstore again! Unfortunatly, that means probably never bathing, shaving, or refilling my prescriptions.....

Oh, forget it. Shopping at the drugstore is a necessary evil. They know we're a captive why pay future brain surgeons to clerk behind the counter?

But it wasn't always like this.

Back in the 40's, I remember a "soda jerk" behind the counter at Stanley's Drug Store who's dynamic personality and talent at making ice cream sodas had us standing in line...five or six people deep.....and LIKING IT......waiting for him to perform his magic.

He went on to perform magic on radio and the ' the most popular radio and TV personality that teenagers in Charlotte had ever seen!

His name, of course, as all of us CHS54 grads know, was Jimmy Kilgo.

There was another drugstore clerk....that was a favorite of the late 40's ...who worked at Nance Drug Store.....on the corner of 5th and Caswell.....

He was a neighbor of mine...........and until I read this story on the internet......I never knew that there was a lot more about Jim Ballentine than the fact that he was a VERY nice man.....and very SMART.

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