Sunday, March 27, 2005

Class of 55 Needs Our Help

Those youngsters are having their Fiftieth Anniversary Reunion in May and have been unable to locate a number of their classmates. Let's give them a hand.
If you know the whereabouts of any on their list below, please notify John Lomax at

To see how they're coming along check out their website.

Central High Class of 1955 Missing Persons
Lawrence Eric Alexander
John Edwin Arant
Clarence H. Austin
Freida Kathryn Austin Conkle
Charlene Anita Barnes Gilbert
Mary Patricia Bolch
Martha Roberta Brown
Robert Leroy Cahoon
Carolyn Ann Caldwell
Jackie Wayne Carpenter
Shirley Ann Cary
Joyce Christenbury
Rose Anne Cooke Kassell
William Pike Davis
Chester M. Edge
Susan Miller Edwards Blackmon
Roger Cromwell Gibson
Thomas Herbert Godfrey
Graydon Riger Goulding
William Walter Gregory
Richard Sheldon Griffin
Fay Janette Gurley Reynolds
James Robert Hamilton
Charlotte Hayes Jordan
Bonnie White Hill
Ethel Joanne Holder
Barbara Anne Hopkins
Elizabeth Jane Kenerly Finely
James Paul Kilday
Wilson H Kinghorn
Walter Robert Kiser
Marla Kay Laws
Mary Ellen Leu
Walter Steve Linker
Robert Eugene Litaker
Charles Franklin Martin
Julia Ann Mayer
Lillian Query Mayse
Judith Anne McCubbin
Clyde Wilford Miller
Grace Deanne Miller
James Edward Morgan
Ray Vaughn Morris
Patsy Elouise Moses
William Arthur Moss
Vance A Motley
Catherine Myers King
Joyce Jean Newell Simpson
Sue Esther Norman Kirby
Joyce Ann Odom Whitley
Mary Lou Overstreat
Glen Everett Pearson
Hugo Efrain Peralta
Patricia Ann Pittman
Edward S Plyler
William F Porter
Frances Ann Powell
William Walter Price
Mary Barnes Quay Carriker
Jacob Craig Quickel
Phyllis Jean Rogers Kitaker
Audrey Emmaline Ross Brooks
Franklin Savage
Mary Athlene Simerson Wallace
Betty Jean Smith
Janet Alicia Smith
Ruth Ann Smith Fincher
Sue Carolyn Spears Benge
David Stalls
Julius Michael Steinacher
Elisabeth Jane Strader
Rodney Nelson Travis
John Walter Trexler
Alice Marie Ussery
Maxie Jo Wallace
Charles Edward Webb
Gail Wells Branham
Cynthia Ann Weyant O'Donoghue
Audrey Carolyn Williams Smith
Jimmy Larry Williams
Edward Eckoles, Jr Wilson
Robert Edwin Wilson
Marlene Wood Cook Thornley
Barbara Ann Yemm Hursman
Mary Anita Yount White