Friday, April 01, 2005

It's Still There! Almost

In the ongoing effort to serve our CHS54 grads who don't live in Charlotte, the staff here at the CHS54 website recently launched an eye in the sky satellite to check on what's left of our old city.

Our skycam revealed that, much like Francis S. Key's tribute to our flag that "was still there," our old Central High School is "still there." Kinda. It's face looks like it's been worked on by Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon, and it's now called Piedmont mall bar and grill, or Piedmont arts and crafts center.....or something like that.

But.....technically, it's still there! Look closely and you can still see the old music room and the old track and football practice field. I don't think the field house is there any longer, but I did notice that my ' 36 Chevy that I couldn't get started again after I had bragged about "how much better old cars are than new ones..." is still parked on the street beside the school.

Orbiting with the satellite is our own Sam Salamander who is actually taking the pictures with his 1939 Brownie, so if there are any other sites you'd like to see just let me know.

-Your humble award-winning webmaster