Sunday, July 31, 2005

Shelton Scholars

From Obie:

Dear CHS ’54 Classmates,

You guys are so special and on behalf of the Carolinas Freedom Foundation and the memory of Charles Mateer, thank you for your generosity.

Twenty four members, which is almost ten-percent of our known addresses, responded with a total contribution of $1,780. Doing the math, that was more than enough to sponsor five outstanding future leaders to the Shelton Leadership Challenge.

I am enclosing a picture taken the Sunday morning they departed Charlotte for the camp on the Outer Banks, six hours away. As you can see, they are a fine looking group. When they returned on Friday, they were so enthusiastic and so appreciative for the experience. The thought has occurred to me that we probably influenced, in a positive way, these young people and just might have changed their life.

We should feel proud for our part in “making a difference”. I know Charles would be.

Again, thanks.

Regards / Obie

Those participating were:

Bonson Hobson, John Ballard, Ellen Abernathy, Warren Sparrow,
Mike Andrews, Beverly Walker, Ed Myers, Judy Walker,
Tommy Hurt, Johnny Thomason, Maxcyne Motte, Jerry Gaudet,
Jane Thornhill, Lewis Robinson. Anna Lynn Smith-Peterson, Fred Barwick,
Ann Franz, Obie Oakley, Robert Clark, Carolyn Minogue,
Karol Brodwell, Johnny Culp, Mary Sandra Schulkin,
Katheryn Carpenter (Ed’s sister and Charles’ Cousin). Nancy Robinson

The Scholars

Note from your humble, award winning webmaster:

Our (sometimes) ace reporter Sam Salamander reports that contributions are STILL coming in. Nancy Robinson's contribution was just received, along with several others that Sam didn't remember because he didn't have a pencil with him when he was given the information. So, expect the names AND total amount to change.

Also, rest assured that the drink the chaperone (in the picture) is holding is a cup of coffee.