Sunday, August 21, 2005

Don Nance Daughter Married in Virginia

In a beautiful and memorable ceremony, even for a town quite used to spactacular events, Charlotte Elizabeth Nance and Myron Roth Allbright were married in the historic OLD PRESBYTERIAN MEETING HOUSE in Alexandria, VA. , on August 27th.

The brides's father, the Rev. Dr. Donald Nance officiated.

(Now, as I turn off my official "society reporter persona," let me tell you about it:)

It was terrific! First of all, Charlotte Elizabeth Nance, has the greatest name of anyone I know! What name even comes close to matching that of the ears of a CHS 54 grad.....whose never forgotten his roots and the wonderful people who populated and influenced his early life? Secondly, Charlotte's parents are absolutely rock solid examples of people who have made this country great! And I'm proud to say, they're pretty typical of the people of CHS 54!

(and yes, I know Don's wife, Letty is only an "Honorary CHS 54 Grad," but she grew up not far from Charlotte, so that counts.)

Now, back to the wedding; Don did all the things that preachers do, saying the "do you take this man... and do you take this woman..." etc. and the ceremony went without a hitch.

(How he maintained his composure is beyond me. At my daughter's wedding, I was a complete basket case.)

Then, Don sang "The Lords Prayer."

I've been listening to Don sing for over 60 years now, and he never sounded so GOOD!
Call it a voice "aged like fine wine," or maybe it was inspiration, or maybe it was the acoustic magic of his voice bouncing off the same walls that once reverberated with George Washington's voice, or maybe it was a combination of all three.

Whatever it was, it was a sound and a day I'll never forget.

My only regret is that, as far as I know, no audio recording was made of the ceremony. I think that, like me, it would have moved you to tears.


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