Sunday, January 08, 2006

Get Out Your Wallets

and show us those pictures of your kids and grandkids!

It's been common knowledge for years now that the Class of 54 was the best looking class ever to graduate in the history of Charlotte Central High School.

What the world hasn't realized (yet), and what your humble award-winning webmaster is about to prove is:

50 plus years later, the families of the 54 grads are the best looking of any of the old Wildcat tribe.!

So, beginning today I'm starting a new feature showing recent (reasonably so) photos of our families.

Mitzi Minor Roper has been kind enough to start us off.

Now, don't be intimidated by the formality and professionalism of Mitzi's family photo. That was taken recently at their son John's wedding. I expect very few of the photos I get to be quite so professional and inclusive (to have everybody looking great in the same picture!)


Feel free to send "everyday" pictures.....and everybody doesn't have to be in the same shot...send several if you like.

For example, I plan to send in one of me down here in the Bat Cave slaving over the website...and one of Linda yelling at me to turn out the lights and go to bed!

So email me some of your snapshots of you and your family as soon as you can!

to email me.