Sunday, October 22, 2006


And what an event!

Our communal 70th BIRTHDAY PARTY. Oct. 21st 2006 will live in our memories for the joyous celebration we experienced that night, when over 100 people, CHS54 grads and their spouses came together to celebrate a very important turning point in our lives: THREE YEARS OF THE CHARLOTTE CENTRAL HIGH EXPERIENCE.

Add to that, the fact that the 1951 group of youngsters was very special in it's own right, and you have,

The extraordinary CLASS OF '54!

Our CHS'54 camera was there:

Our Committee Chairman, the indefatigable Obie Oakley welcomed our group. (Looking on (left), our tireless "Keeper of Records," Jerry Gaudet.)

Finally a tribute to our classmates who have gone before us.

And a special tribute to our dear Carolyn Minogue whose untimely death a couple of weeks ago shocked and grieved us all. Carolyn was always the "life" of every party!

Unfortunately, she left the party too soon.

May God rest her soul.

(Stay tuned. I'm in the process of putting back the pictures, but it's a slow process. -Ed)

The incredible Jerry Gaudet has compiled another list that shows who came to what CHS'54 event.

Take a Look:

FirstName LastName MarriedName 40th 60thBD 50th 70thBD

Judy Anderson Fainberg 40th
Sue Andrews Pitts 40th
Mike Andrews 40th 60thBD 50th
Sylvia Arnold Regehr 40th 60thBD 70thBD
Nancy Aughtry Kinley 70thBD
Darrell Avery 40th 50th
John Ballard 40th 50th
Mary Sue Banks Burnett 40th 50th 70thBD
Jake Barnhardt 50th
Gayle Barrier Austin 70thBD
Fred Barwick 40th
Marie Beatty Robinson 50th 70thBD
Earl Beckham 40th 50th
Peggy Bedsol Gandy 40th 50th
Carole Bennett Gilland 40th 50th
Charlie Berry 40th
Ed Berryhill 40th
Jeanette Berryhill Bryant 40th 50th
Paul Biles 50th
Gaither Blackwelder 40th 70thBD
Vic Brawley 40th 60thBD 50th 70thBD
Joe Broadway 40th 50th 70thBD
Karol Broadwell Welch 40th 60thBD 50th 70thBD
Jim Brown 40th 50th
Raeford Brown 60thBD
Don Bryan 50th
Mary Bunn James 40th
Alma Burton Stevenson 40th 50th
Tootie Byrum Nisbet 40th 50th
Dottie Cammer Parker 40th 50th
Diana Carpenter White 50th
Ray Carriker 70thBD
Shirley Carswell Foster 60thBD
Fred Castles 40th
Barry Clark 40th
R.L. Clark 40th 50th
Jim Cook 50th
Harold Cullingford 40th 60thBD 50th 70thBD
John Culp 40th 60thBD 50th 70thBD
Charles Cunningham 40th
Joan Dalton Garrick 60thBD
Jim Dellinger 50th
Ellouise Diggle Schoettler 40th 50th 70thBD
Bob Dodge 70thBD
Sylvia Dunn Cross 40th 60thBD 50th 70thBD
Bob Ellis 40th 60thBD 50th 70thBD
Clay Eubanks 40th
Max Evans 40th
Linsy Farris, MD 40th 50th
Pat Faulkner 40th
Harry Ferguson 40th 50th
Mary Jane Fidler Griffith 40th
Lynn Foard Nance 60thBD
Millie Fogle Stanton 40th
Linda Garmon Huggins 40th 50th 70thBD
Jerry Gaudet 40th 60thBD 50th 70thBD
Nancy Gibson Tomlinson 40th 50th
Dick Gilland 40th 70thBD
Mary Ellen Goines Causby 40th 70thBD
Mamie Goodwin Baucom 40th 50th
Nancy Grayson 40th 50th
Bob Gregg 40th 50th
Bee Harkey Kearns 40th 50th
Jackie Hart Lookabill 40th 50th 70thBD
Nancy Hartis Byers 40th 50th 70thBD
Patsy Hartsell Kilgo 40th
Tom Hasty 40th
Carolyn Helms Pell 60thBD
La Verne Helms Sizemore 60thBD
Ann Henson Boyd 40th
Martin Hill 40th 60thBD 50th 70thBD
Bonson Hobson 40th 60thBD 50th 70thBD
Jane Hoke Bultman 50th 70thBD
Miriam Holder Barrett 50th
Betty Hull Nixon 70thBD
Bill Huntley 40th 50th
Tom Hurt 40th 50th
Herb Jacobowitz 50th 70thBD
Reid Johnston 40th
Neil Jones 50th
Ralph Jones 40th
Harry Joyner 40th 60thBD
Dick Kelly 50th 70thBD
Carolyn Keziah Hudspeth 40th
Joe Kirkley 40th
Anne Kirkpatrick Smarr 40th 60thBD
Stokes Kisiah 60thBD
Marie Lackey Correll 60thBD
Becky Lampley Leonard 50th
Jerry Ledwell 40th 60thBD
Sophie Leventis Trakas 40th 50th
Tommy Lindsay 40th 70thBD
Sandra Lineberger Patterson 40th 50th
Barney Lisk 40th 50th
"Bo" Madden 60thBD
Margie Malone Broome 40th
Daphne Martin Furr 40th
Billy Mason 40th
Lettie Massey Massey 70thBD
Buddy Matthews 40th
Barbara McCall Bennett 40th 50th 70thBD
Carolyn McCall McCall 40th 60thBD 50th
Carson McClain 40th
Shirley McClanahan Maynor 40th 60thBD 50th 70thBD
Shirlene McGill Yeargins 40th 60thBD 50th 70thBD
Herb McKinnell 40th 60thBD 50th 70thBD
Jennie Meador Forehand 40th 60thBD 50th 70thBD
Brad Mills 40th 60thBD
Carolyn Minogue Meacham 40th 50th
Mitzi Minor Roper 40th 60thBD 50th 70thBD
Elizabeth Monahan Papousek 50th 70thBD
Gene Moore 50th
Bill Moore 40th
Maxcyne Motte Yaworsky 50th
Becky Murray Chesney 40th 50th 70thBD
Ed Myers 40th 60thBD 50th 70thBD
Donald Nance 40th 50th 70thBD
Harry Neely 50th
Mary Norton Kratt 40th 50th
Obie Oakley 40th 50th 70thBD
Pat Parker 40th
Paul Patton 40th 50th 70thBD
Skip Pearce 40th
Ernie Phipps 40th
Jackie Pickard Marcotte 50th
Rick Pope 40th
James Porter 40th
Betty Pressly Leone 60thBD 50th
Barbara Presson Forrest 50th
Mary Psomadakis Renfroe 40th 60thBD 50th 70thBD
June Reid Helsabeck 40th 60thBD 50th
Parks Reinhardt 40th
Cal Reneau 50th
Ann Rich Hobson 40th 60thBD 50th 70thBD
Willis Rimmer 40th 50th
Marlene Ritch Beaty 40th 60thBD 50th 70thBD
Pat Roberts Stephens 40th
Lewis Robinson 40th 50th
Bill Robinson 40th 50th
Mary Sandra Schulken Costner 40th 50th
Bob Seagraves 40th 60thBD 50th 70thBD
Al Selby 50th
David Sherer 40th 50th
Bobby Small 60thBD
Bee Smith Garmon 50th
Edgar Smith 50th
Delano Smith 40th
Anna Lynn Smith-Peterson Kearse 50th 70thBD
Wilson Snell 40th
Guy Soule 50th
Warren Sparrow 40th 60thBD 50th 70thBD
George Spittle 40th 60thBD
Chuck Spruill 50th
Dave Stalls 40th
Andrea Stalvey Davis 50th
Richard Stowe 40th
Jay Summey 40th 60thBD 50th 70thBD
Patsy Sustar McSwain 50th 70thBD
Charles Sweitzer 40th 60thBD 50th
John Talbutt 40th 50th
Carolyn Taylor Powell 50th
Betty Rose Templeton Palomba 40th 60thBD 50th
Johnny Thomason 40th 60thBD 50th
Jane Thornhill Cobb 40th 50th 70thBD
Buddy Trexler 40th 70thBD
Gene VanCuren 40th 50th
Betsy Villas White 40th 50th 70thBD
Judy Walker Cooley 40th 50th
Betty Wells Poplin 60thBD
Bobby Wells 40th 60thBD 50th 70thBD
Tommy West 40th 50th
Al Widenhouse 40th 50th
Charlie Willis 50th 70thBD
Bob Yandle 40th 50th 70thBD
June Yarbrough Alexander 40th 6
0thBD 50th