Monday, December 18, 2006

Nostalgia Notes

Hi Boys and Girls!

I guess you know by now that this website's server provider, Google, pulled the plug on my pictures. I don't remember exactly when I began this website, but it was at least 5 years ago. I tell everyone that it's "My version of weaving baskets in my old age." But, of course, that's not true. It's a labor of Love, with a capital L."

Creating websites is kind of a hobby with me. I have several; one of which is for my old Washington Radio and TV station WTOP-TV. I loved working there. It was the ultimate goal of 15 year old Ed Myers to work there, and have his voice broadcast over the CBS radio Network.

That was almost as big a thrill as my previous goal of becoming a Patrol Boy at Elizabeth School!

Rest assured that after the Christmas season, when my current job slows down a bit, I will be restoring the missing pictures as fast as I can.

I will thank you now for your patience! You've always been more than kind to me.

By the way, one more thing: If you believe,like I do,that the sense of smell is a wonderful blessing AND the direct door to the "instant replay of the past," there's a website out there that specializes in "products of the past."

You can go there and get Ralston Purina Cereal with Tom Mix's picture on the back; old perfumes that haven't been around since the 50's, and such as that.

Imagine what getting a whiff of the perfume the girl you took to the prom was wearing would be like 55 years later!


Here's the site:


Then use their search engine to look for stuff.