Thursday, July 26, 2007

"We Get Letters"

That was a regular feature on the old Perry Como TV show of the late 50's if memory serves me correctly.

Well, we only got two, so far, in response to my email request for information regarding your family and what you have been doing since our last gathering in the old CHS auditorium 53 years ago.

I was pleased to hear from Robert Yandle ( better known as Bobby or, because of his Hollywood good looks,"Fernando" as in Fernando Lamas)

"Thanks to Jerry and both do a fantastic job sharing information and news.
Wish I had some new when my middle daughter, Karen, from her perch in the back seat asked the usual questions. We lived in Alabama, and were on our way to spend Christmas in Charlotte. Her main question, after only an hour: "Are we there yet, Daddy?" I explained the length of the trip, that we'd stop for gas and a couple times to eat before we got there, and told her to nap. She asked the question 2-3 more times in a short span. Finally, perturbed, I said, "Karen, if you ask that again, I'll stop the car and get my belt....". She was quiet for a while. Then, from the back, "Daddy....", and I knew I'd have to stop because I said I would. "WHAT, Karen, " I said, irritated. "Daddy...when we get where we're going, where will we be?"
Needless to say, it's a mighty good question to ask spiritually, too, isn't it? If we don't care where we're going, we might end up where we don't want to be.
Retired for exactly 3 years, preached in 30 different churches, in 2006, averaged preaching 7 times a month. Wouldn't have it any othger way. Macular Degeneration (loss of vision) caused the retirement. Since I can't drive any longer because of that, proved difficult to be a full-time minister. But I don't consider myself a victim, instead, I'm a person God seems to feel He can trust with adversity. So, I wouldn't change a thing...but I'd love for Him to do so~!

Again, thanks Ed and Jerry"

b Yandle

Sanford, NC

Great attitude, Bobby!

Hope to hear from a lot of other of our old friends soon.

I have several email addresses. Feel free to use any of them:

AND, Linda Huggins sent this note:

Thanks, Ed. This looks great! Hope you're doing well and recuperating nicely. Ross is having a procedure done tomorrow to remove a subdural hematoma from his cranium. Needless to say, I'll be glad to know that it's gone and that he is intact.
All our best to you and Linda,
R & L Huggins :)


You and Ross will be in our prayers!