Sunday, August 26, 2007

Basketweaving and other sports

Basketweaving Time. One of the expressions we used back in the 50's when we sometimes referred to either the VERY old, or, uh humm,......... the insane. This was usually said in fun.

However, I came very close to fulfilling that phophesy recently after my two youngest grandchildren came home from a day care field trip with a couple of clay artifacts they had made.
They had visited a place here in Falls Church called The Clay Cafe, where youngsters can paint clay figurines and artifacts and then have them "baked" to a gloss that gives them a real professional pottery look.

I was so impressed that Linda and I took them back to that shop.....and asked them to paint something for us. Here's the coffee cup that my 7 year old made for us.

We were VERY impressed!

I had as much fun as the kids did! So, I went back to the Clay Cafe....this time WITHOUT the grandkids....and sat down with the other 6 and 7 year olds and painted a couple of cups for MYSELF, so I could be reminded of my two FAVORITE radio stations with each cup of my morning coffee every day!

When I showed them to Linda, she just rolled her eyes......obviously in awe of my brilliant artistry!!