Saturday, September 15, 2007

Keep those cards and letters coming folks...

Jerry Gaudet got a note from Joan McCall (Craddock) that he shared with me:


Thanks for the pictures. I was in Charlotte over Labor Day weekend with my sister, Betty McCall Welsh and we drove by CHS. They did a wonderful job. We were in Charlotte celebrating Colma Dooley's 95th Birthday. She was Cindy Dooley's mother. If you look in our annual, you will recall Cindy was the mascot for our class. Colma was my godmother, my two sons godmother and now my 2 grandchildren's godmother.

Linda Garmon ...also knows and loves her. (I only mention Linda because I noted from some of the website info, you may see on occasion since she still lives in the area. Linda and I grew up together and were family friends of Colma's) Colma looks and acts remarkably well. She was truly a woman ahead of her time during my life time and has been a role model for both Betty and I. She was until a few years ago, on the Board for Revlon Cosmetics.

Thanks for all the interesting info you and Ed send out. Just wanted to let you know a lot of us do read and enjoy your tidbits!

Joan McCall Craddock (St. Louis, MO)

(Thanks for the verbal flowers, Joan. Glad to know we're coming in loud and clear all the way from St Louis. -Ed)