Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A "Ships in the Night" tale

This is the story of two CHS54 grads who, for years attended the same event hundreds of miles from their homes and never even knew the other one was there.

Until this year! For years, Don and Letty Nance have made it a point to attend the outstandingly entertaining Story Telling festival in Tennesee. The same festival that Ellouise Diggle Schoettler and husband Jim also attend annually.

As Ellouise tells it,

" The back story on this is that we found out at the 70th birthday party that we had been in Jonesborough for the Festival at the same time for several years and never run into one another - so Don wrote and we made a date to meet this year.
FUN!. really nice to have a shared interest with a classmate - a new connection - would that be new wine in an old wine skin - well something like that. Donald and I first met at Piedmont Jr. High School. Letty is a doll and Jim and I had a great time getting to know more of them on the sacred ground of story."

And Don said,

"This event is one of the best events that Letty and I go to each year. The stories are great. We laughed a lot. Those who tell the stories remind us of the past, and they encourage us to continue to tell our stories to others in the future."

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