Wednesday, November 21, 2007

World Series Followup

Dalton Carriker rounds the bases after his World Series Winning home run.

It was a proud moment for all Americans.

But NOBODY was as proud as his grandfather: our own classmate, Bill Carriker!

Dalton Carriker's Grandfather

.....And Now, the Rest of the Story......kind of....

On those rainy days when we get the old '54 "Snips and Cuts" down from the attic to show our grandkids how good looking and brilliant we were when we were their age, I have no doubt that we'll stop at page 22 (between Nancy Books and Dale Cato) and point to Bill Carriker's picture and proudly point out that he's the grandfather of Dalton Carriker, the guy who hit the home run in the 2007 Little League World Series!

Bill writes that being World Champs is a lot of hard work, along with the rewards:

"....they have had autograph signings at Auto dealerships, sports stores, and Wal-Marts. four
grocery store/openings, they've been grand marshalls in five parades, and have tree lightings and medical center visits to go before Christmas.

On the fun side they have been honored by the Braves, Falcons, NASCAR,NASA, the state of Georgia, Mercer University, Georgia Tech and Gov Purdue.

The Houston County school

system had Dalton address the grade school to talk about what it takes to be a champion."

Wish him luck

Bill Carriker

Thanks for the update, Bill. In my opinion the wisest thing that your grandson told those grade school kids was,

"....set goals and work your goals when others are going to the mall or watching TV."

That's what we all did, right?