Monday, December 10, 2007

Fuzzy Memories

Although I don't believe that any of our Wildcat varsity teams won the State Championship in '53/54, there was one Central High team that DID. In Fact they won the YMCA Tri State Championship in basketball.

I'm talking about this team: (click on fuzzy picture to enlarge and read more)

Members of the TEAM OF DESTINY are:

Back row, left to right. Joe Kirkley, Bill Huntley, Bonson Hobson, Joe Riggs, Jerry Gaudet, Pat Parker and Johnny Culp.

Front row, left to right. Pat Faulkner, Bobby Gregg, Warren Sparrow and Obie Oakley.

One of the team members, Warren Sparrow, is now having great success as a Youth Basketball Association coach, mentoring the team his grandson, Warren Hill, age 11, is on..

His team won their last game 50 to 18. The kids scored 42 points in 18 minutes.