Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Story About Story Telling

About 20 years ago I was asked by Fairfax County Virginia (that's where I live) to help them with their new fangled toy, Cable TV, by speaking to local groups and promoting the use of "public access TV."
As part of this, I produced their first show called "Out of the Past," which has continued to this day.
I still contribute to it whenever I can line up an outstanding guest.

I found such a guest a couple of months actually found her at Elizabeth School in Miss Terry's class in 1942.

Her name was Ellouise Diggle then; it's Ellouise Schoettler now, and she's one of the most "in demand" storytellers in the Washington area. You've seen her perform at our reunions, now see her on TV.

Watch the show HERE

Whether, in person or on TV Ellouise and I always get around to the subject of Charlotte, NC and Central High. I think that she and I both jump at the slightest excuse to visit our old stomping grounds. So far, the only excuse I have anymore is our class reunions; and once every 10 years is a long time to wait. But, if you belong to a club, or group looking for a speaker at one of your events, you couldn't go wrong inviting Ellouise to be your entertainment. (And I'll bet you could book her at the CHS54 rate or as my uncle used to say, "the ministerial rate." Uncle Russell wasn't a minister, but he'd ask for it anyway.)