Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This is GREAT

If I could figure out how to put one of those flashing red lights (like Drudge uses) on this website...I would!

I think this production I recently came upon (thanks to my sister Kathryn Carpenter) is terrific!

It was done by members of the CHS class of 1950 for their 55th Reunion in 2005 :

Producer.....John Brock
Executive Producer...Jack Claiborne
Associate Producer...Roddy Brown
Production Assistants...Dickie Orr, Jessie Rush, Al and Carolyn Parker

If you happen to see any of these people, please congratulate them for me on their outstanding video presentation! (Also ask them kindly not to sue me for copyright infringement.)

Apparently, they have a reunion every 10 years, since their next one is scheduled for 2010.

You're going to enjoy these great old pictures of Charlotte and Central High School!

CLICK HERE to see the show.