Monday, March 03, 2008

March Madness

It happens every March. Wall to Wall Basketball.

This year, my advice to you is:

Never bet against "the Bulls!"

The Bulls, from left to right: Coach: Warren Sparrow, Hunter Ellison, Braedy Fowler, Andrew Swank, Jalin Richardson, Warren Hill, Noah Hoelldobler, Jared Wolfe, Greg Ballas, Coach: Mike Hill

Now of course I'm talking about "the Bulls" who are the West Forsyth Y 10-year old League Champs who play in the old Clemmon's Gym right outside Winston Salem, NC.

Their secret weapon is Warren Hill who just happens to be the grandson of our own Warren Sparrow, who just happens to be the coach of the Bulls along with Warren's father Mike Hill.

Getting members of our class to talk about their grandchildren is like trying to get big olives out of small jars....or...pulling teeth....or whatever. But I was able to pry some of the details out of the former Basketball star and Rambler journalist extrodinaire.

It seems that the Bulls got off to a rocky start, having to forfeit the 1st game of the season due to prior commitments by 4 players. The remainder of the season went very well as the Bulls reeled off 7 straight victories by applying constant defensive pressure and using a very balanced offensive attack.

After finishing the regular season at 7-1 and entering the post-season as the #1 seed the Bulls won in the 1st and 2nd rounds of the playoffs to setup a long awaited match with a very strong team coached by Jim Flynn. The championship game was played in the Old Clemmons Gym on Friday February 8th. The Bulls won by a score of 26 – 17. The Bulls were led by Warren Hill with 14 points and 15 rebounds in the Championship game.

Coach Sparrow one of the stars of "The Dream Team" of the 1954 Charlotte YMCA, (see earlier post on this website) said after the game what a pleasure it was coaching "The Team of Destiny."

"... the kids responded to our coaching in a wonderful way. Please tell Coach Edelman how well his fast break of 1953-4 worked in 2008. Who would have thought that an AG boy would thank a Piedmont coach for making a dream season!"

Warren and Becky Sparrow live in Winston Salem, NC. Their daughter Dora is Warren Hill's Mom.