Friday, March 21, 2008

Once Upon a Time

Recently, when I interviewed Ellouise (Diggle) Scholettler (one of this area's most popular "storytellers") for the Fairfax VA cable TV station, it occured to me that CHS had graduated more than it's share of great "storytellers."

One of the most famous, of course, was Charles Kuralt. In the 40's there was Marion Hargrove, author of "See Here Private Hargrove," perhaps the best selling book about the average soldier in WW2.

And then, there's Jan Karon (Janice Wilson) of our class who has become very famous (and rich) from her best selling series about the "Mitfords."

Now there's another name that should be added to that list: John Brock. You've all seen the video production that he produced for the Class of '50 (which by the way, has gotten over 300 "hits" since this website posted it on the internet just a few weeks ago!) It's great.
John is a retired newspaper editor, publisher, college professor, motion picture producer and entrepreneur
I recently learned that he's also one of the best writers and tellers of life in the South in the country.
How did I learn that?
By reading his latest book, called SOUTHERN BREEZES WHISTLE DIXIE.
I could tell that it was my kind of book by simply reading the table of contents:
"South finally got even....with snake farms, speed traps and time shares"
"What happened to magic words: "yes ma'm, no sir, thank you, I'm sorry"?
"Give a Southerner a hog and he will never go hungry again"
"Possum Recipe"
and "Lord grant me patience, and do it right now"
Take a look for yourself:
You can thank me later.