Sunday, April 13, 2008

Small World, or TWILIGHT ZONE?

Ed Berryhill 1954
(note: The Dynamic Duo of Ed Berryhill and Carson McClain reaped just about every honor in the state for their performance on the court.)

Now this is hard to believe!

I'll let you read the email I got from our own CHS54 grad, Bill Carriker:

"Lee, I found out last night that one of my grand daughters [Kaitlyn Carriker] is and has been dating
Ed Berryhill's grand son [Kyle Davis ]for over eight months and has really in this time become a member
----of the Carriker family. I did not know until last night that Kyle was Ed Berryhill's grandson.

These two kids go to Houston County High in Warner Robins, Ga. Both are high school sports
stars...Kyle in baseball and Kaitlyn in fast pitch softball and swimming. HCHS has a student
body of over 2500 and is in 5A classification.

Life is strange and it’s a small world. This small world was connected thru the CHS54 WEB site with
the coverage of Dalton. "

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