Thursday, May 08, 2008

Great Ship, Great Name

Warren Sparrow, our "rambling," reporter checks in from Wilmington, NC

We cannot top Holly Jones's smashing victory but we can tell you of our latest movement. On 3 May 2008 we, Becky and our son Artie and I, attended the commissioning of the USS North Carolina (SSN-777), the Navy's newest fast-attack sub. Lord knows how this was arranged. The Navy brought the sub to Wilmington, NC. It was a beautiful day. Liddy Dole was there. She is a Duke graduate. A good time was had by all the 6,000 in attendance.

According to the program, the sub is a little more than 300 feet long. It is also covered with rubber. It must be the "Run silent, run deep" thing. Artie said it was the largest concentration of tax dollars he had ever seen: $2.2 billion contained in less than 400 feet.

According to the speechifying, the sub is going to be used for drug interdiction... and other things.

It was an exciting day. There were many folks who were World War II vets. Some were from the battleship North Carolina. The day before the ceremony there was a meeting of the crew of the sub and the Old Timers from the battleship. How about that? According to the sub's captain, a few pieces of the teakwood deck of the battleship have been placed in conspicuous places on the sub.

That is the news. Here are a couple of pictures.

Hope all is well. We soldier on, keeping our heads up when we dribble.

(Note.....That's an old basketball expression, not a reference to his fellow cronologically gifted classmates-Ed)