Monday, May 05, 2008

Missing Classmates

This is not official, but I've been hearing rumors that THE COMMITTE is considering an "event" to commerate our 55th anniversary....sometime next year. That's welcome news, and certainly a good reason for us to make an extra effort to find our "missing classmates."

As a reminder here is the current list:

James Morris Allen
Sarah Ellen Beck

Paul Everette Biles

Rebecca May Brogden

Nancy Elizabeth Brooks

Ruth Brown

Agnes Anne Caudell
Danny Carver Cole
Donald Bundy Cooke
Lois Elinor Dempsey
Ann Gorden Finger
Sue Elizabeth Griffin
Carl Guest
Janie Frances Gurley
Frederick Earl Howard
Nancy Eunice Karnes
John Thomas Keller
Kathleen Virginia Kesler
Jeanne Holland King
Doy Kenneth Lim
Ronald Richard Little
Gary Lutteral
Sarah Lillian McWhirter
Fred Arthur Merrill
Esther Lorraine Newell
David William Powell
Nelda Codelle Price
Elizabeth Ann Purvis
Helen Bryan Ray
Roseary Sessoms
Michael Thompson
Robert lee Tribble
Wade Edward Turner
Bruce Lawrence Wallace
Yvonne Wentz
Shirley Ann Williams
Elizabeth Ann Wilson
Jerry Lee Wood

I'll keep you informed regarding our next "event."