Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Neil Jones Daughter Wins in Buncomb County


Holly Jones!

Neil Jones reports that his daughter, Holly Jones, led the ticket in the Democratic Primary for Buncombe County Commissioner, by a wide margin.

She is the CEO of the YWCA in Asheville and has finished 8 years on the Asheville City Council.

Shown here....Holly and her adopted daughter from Guatemala.

Neil says that "Holly has her undergraduate BA in Public Policy from some public school in Orange County,N.C. (Guess you could look up the name somewhere. I forget it.) Then , thank Providence, she graduated from Divinity School at an edenic school called Duke. Then she relapsed and picked up a MagnaCum Laude MA from UNC School of Public Health. Went to Asheville to run their YWCA and has served 2 terms on the Asheville City Council leading the ticket in both elections."

Neil adds, "Sorry bird dog who won't brag on his puppy."

Congratulations Holly, and congratulations Neil!

(Note: I went there for 4 years but I can't remember the name of that nearby public school either, but I remember the names of every one of the beer joints in Orange County. I had to look up the word "edenic." It means, in "the garden of Eden"
...unless of course, you're an evil lacrosse player. -Ed)