Friday, June 27, 2008

Hurray for Hollywood

As mentioned before on this site, I'm still goofing around with TV up here in the DC area. The show is called, OUT OF THE PAST and that title gives me a lot of room to play with. Recently I've been able to convince a number of very interesting people to agree to appear on the show with me. For example our own Ellouise Diggle as well as a number of other prominant local personalities such as local radio and TV celebrities.

Last week, I was fortunate enough to have Hollywood Mogul Barry Levinson (DINER, GOOD MORNING VIETNAM, RAINMAN, and many others to be my guest.

Obviously, the reason Barry agreed to appear on the show is that the word has gotten out all the way to Hollywood, that OUT OF THE PAST was THE show that all the big names were clamering to appear on.

Well, perhaps I exagerate a little.

The truth is that Barry and I worked together in the mid 60's at WTOP-TV in Washington. I was a radio and TV announcer there and he was working his very first job in the station's TV TRAINING PROGRAM. His newest novel is called "66," which is about his years at the station.

Click HERE to see the interview.