Friday, July 11, 2008

Bobby Wells has open heart surgery

Bob Ellis reports that Bobby Wells is currently in Presbyterian Hospital after having triple by-pass surgery sometime in the past few days. Bobby's brother Ed thinks he will be able to go home Saturday..When he first got to the hospital the doctors were hoping that he only needed a cauterization, (stint/or is it STENT?) but his condition was worse than they first thought.

We're all hoping for a quick recovery for old number 13!

(That was his football number at Piedmont. Bobby was my hero in the eight grade because he was the ONLY underclassman who played on the varsity. Plus, he LOOKED more like I imagined a football player would look like than anyone I had ever known! Some things we never forget, no matter how old we are. -Ed)

Bobby is top row second from Right. Click on Picture to enlarge.