Friday, August 22, 2008

Great news from Al Selby

Got this email from Al today:

"I went to the DR yesterday for a 1 week followup visit. He said the X-Ray looked real good and the lung is apparently fully inflated and not leaking air any more. He check the valve and decided to pull the chest drain tube. He pulled the drain tube. I am home and feeling much better. I still have to use Oxygen some, but not near as much as before yesterday. He told me not to drive for another week. He said I could pull the bandages off Saturday, get a shower, and do pretty much what I wanted to around the house, if I felt like it.

This is definitely good news and I am much closer to being back to normal. Still can't lift anything.

Thank you all for your many prayers. It has to be the answer. I doubt my crappy lungs would have ever healed without prayer and help from the great physician."