Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Search for Classmate Ends Sadly

I suppose it's inevitable that some of our "missing" classmates are no longer with us.
Jerry Gaudet reports:

Thanks to Clay Eubanks for his efforts to locate missing CHS'54 classmates.  Clay made contact with Paul Biles' daughter and, unfortunately, found that he had passed away.

Clay shares this: "I will always value his friendship and know that he was a very good man.  It is interesting that he attained his PhD in psychology and worked in that field, teaching et al, for his career.  His daughter, "Tina", sounds like a chip off the ole block.  A fine young woman."

Paul's daughter, Christina ("Tina") Biles Ayers, tells us..."My Dad, Paul Biles was one of your classmates in high school.  Mr. Clay Eubanks called me this afternoon and we had a wonderful conversation.  He asked that I e-mail you let you know that Dad passed away ten years ago.  He had a very successful and fulfilling life and was the best father anyone could have.  He died of IUP (lung disease).  He was not a smoker and they never figured out what caused it.  He is buried in Lancaster, SC alongside my stepmother Carolyn McManus Biles."


Should you care to make expressions to Paul's daughter, "Tina", her email address is  jjjtayers@cconnect.net