Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rip, Run and Read

That's what we called it.....back when I was working at small radio stations. We announcers were not only the DJs, but once an hour we would have to read a newscast. That usually meant running to the newsroom grabbing the latest news summary and ripping it off the AP teletype machine......and running back to the studio...and reading the news. It was considered cheating...if you looked at the copy before you read it on the air.

When ROCK and ROLL came along, these stations became known as 5R stations. (Rock and Roll, Rip Run and Read).

But I digress.

What made me think of that is that I'm looking for a catchy title for posting bits of news about us CHS54 people....

A few that I have rejected are:

"Breaking News" (At our age, that's not such a good idea)

"Newsbreak" (Same reason)

"Odds and Ends" (Never mind)

So, PLEASE, if any of you have a suggestion for a catchy title that I could use, please let me know.


The latest note is one I got from Neil Jones:

"Ed. Fulfilling that ancient adage of Socrates, that says, 'It's

a sorry bird dog that won't brag on it's puppy.", your man on

the Pee Dee River, (Jones), reports that his daughter Holly Jones

led the ticket in

her election to the Buncombe County Commission. She is

completing 8 years on the Asheville City Council.

Also, Jones' other child, Coach Matt Jones, is leading the Anson County Bearcats

from Wadesboro this Friday against Olympic High of Charlotte

in the Quarterfinals of the State 3AA playoffs.

This communication is pure "bragging"

Thanks, Neil. And congratulations!

As I've mentioned before, my real job for the past 20 years has been "talking on the radio" for a company in New York called NEWS BROADCAST NETWORK. Basically, that's what I was doing 59 years ago at WGIV.

I plan to keep doing it until I get it right.

Meanwhile, my hobby is playing TV at the Fairfax Virginia Cable station. We finally got the Program we did with Hollywood Mogul, Barry Levinson edited and on the air....and I thought some of you might like to take a look as we discuss the "old days" in TV up here at channel 9 in Washington.

See the show HERE