Monday, December 15, 2008

Herb Jacobowitz Recovering

Herb Jacobowitz's wife Barbara informed us that Herb

"... had a mild stroke last Saturday. He had minimal affect from it, mostly just his right leg feeling heavy. He came home on Tuesday and is walking around. He's getting physical therapy for the leg and will get some occupational therapy for his left hand, which is a little weaker than his right. He's in great spirits and is expected to make an almost complete, if not total, recovery.

He's used to working out three times a week and being a "perpetual teenage boy", so this is requiring some adjustment on his part, at least for the short term"

As you folks remember, Herb was our token Yankee at CHS. But we sons and daughters of the South grew very fond of Herb and his strange way of talking. However, we all hated being in any of his classes that graded on the curve.