Tuesday, December 09, 2008


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That stands for "Let's Do Lunch."

It's now more than just an expression among our 54 Wildcats. (By the way, don't call me a "senior" unless you're talking about my final year at Central!)

It's now a monthly EVENT!

For the third straight month, JIMMIE'S of Mint Hill came alive with the magical sounds of old friends from a very special time and place, meeting, greeting and eating! (Sometimes, even I, get chills down my spine reading my unparelled prose!)

Our Ace reporter Jerry Gaudet adds:

"We enjoyed December's CHS'54 "Let's Do Lunch", but missed many of you. Perhaps you'll join us at upcoming lunches...the second Tuesday of each month.

Attending were:
Buck Anderson and wife, Peggy
Gayle Barrier Austin
Vic Brawley
Larry Fowler
Jerry Gaudet
Martin Hill and wife, Pat
Betty Hull Nixon
Carolyn Keziah Hudspeth
Sandra Lineberger Patterson
Obie Oakley
Paul Patton
Ronnie Rallis Pourlos husband Jimmie
Marlene Ritch Beaty
Bee Smith Garmon
Tony Thomas and wife, Judy
Bonnie Widenhouse (Al was working)
Charlie Willis