Monday, December 22, 2008

On the Road Again

I got a Christmas note from Jennie Margaret(Meador)and Bill Forehand and (surprise, surprise) their globe trotting ways didn't slow down one bit during the past year. In fact, this past year's itinerary my head spin! Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Pudong, Sushou, Yi Chang.....five nights on a Yangtze River Cruise etc, etc.

In addition to all the great experiences, Jennie was also able to do a little business with the Chinese on behalf of her county (Montgomery) in Maryland. Senator Jennie was there to help develop a "sister/county" relationship with the technology center of China.

Another one of their trips, a bit less spectacular, was attending a three day conference in Lancaster, PA, about the Lewis & Clark expedition.

If Lancaster ever decides to modernize the conference, they might well consider naming it the "Jennie and Bill expedition."


Heck, this website wasn't even having a "Proud Grandmama and Grandaddy Great Photo" contest, and already we have a couple of winners:

The names of these "future Wildcats" are being withheld....pending an investigation by the CHS54 staff of lawyers to determine if these photos are authentic. We suspect that they may have been produced by some Hollywood Movie Studio looking for free publicity for a few of their new stars.

(Remember, click on pictures to enlarge!)

Stay tuned.

Oh, one more thing,

if you know anyone from the CHS class of 1949, there is a Snips and Cuts book available for that year for sale on eBay.

The ad says it once belonged to Sandra Henry.

The listed price is $45.

If anyone is interested, click HERE.