Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Personal Note

Yvonne Grant Tucker passed away unexpectedly this week. She wasn't a member of our class,she was two years behind us, but you may remember her. She was a very pretty and talented girl whom I got to know briefly because she played violin in the CHS orchestra sitting right behind me.

Being as musically talented as she was didn't surprise anyone who was aware that she was the daughter of one of my "Briarhopper" heros, "Whitey," of "Whitey and Hogan," the well known Blue Grass duo who were a famous country music team even before the name "bluegrass" had been coined.

I hadn't seen Yvonne since I left Charlotte until one day about 5 years ago while visiting my mother, who at the time was living at Wilora Lakes. While there one day I spotted "Whitey" who was also a resident, and introduced myself. He, in turn "re-introduced" me to his daughter Yvonne who was visiting him at the time.

We talked and laughed about the old days at CHS and got as up-dated on our current lives as is possible in a short, chance meeting.

Afterwards, whenever Yvonne came to visit her Dad and Mom, which was often, she would visit my Mom. But NOT just visit. Yvonne insisted on taking her places and doing little chores that my Mom could no longer do. My mother often said that Yvonne had become like a daughter to her.

My sister Kathryn and I are extremely grateful for Yvonne's loving attention to our Mother!

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