Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Movers and Shakers

The "political class" of our class of 54 has done very well lately.

Of course I'm talking about long time Democrat State Senator (Montgomery County, MD) Jennie Forehand (in blue jacket) and long time Democrat activist Neil Jones.

Jennie's Maryland seat is so solid that nobody evens runs against her anymore and Neil is rapidly becoming known as Holly Jones' daddy.

Holly is now.........well, I'll let her proud papa tell you about her:


Holly Jones got an undergraduate degree at some college in Orange County
where she also wasted her time as a manager for someone named Dean Smith.
She then obtained a Divinity Degree from Duke, much to her father's delight.
However she lapsed back into her earlier practices, and obtained a Masters
in Public Health cum laude from Chapel Hill.
She went to Asheville in 1996 as CEO for the YWCA. At the time she was hired
the YWCA was over a million dollars in the red. A year later, it was well in the
black, and 3 years later had finished a $3,6 million dollar expansion and paid for it.
She was elected to 2 terms on the Asheville City Council, (2000 and 2004) leading
the ticket. She served as Vice-Mayor during those terms.
In November 2008, she was elected to the 5 person Board of County Commissioners for
Buncombe County.
She is a Democrat, who showed Obama around downtown Asheville and appeared
on the Al Franken radio show for 30 minutes.
Holly is one tough retail politician, who flat tends to business.
Sorry bird dog that doesn't brag on his puppy.
Thanks for asking.