Thursday, March 05, 2009

...more, more.

They say that if you want something done, "...ask a busy man to do it."

How true that is! With all our keeper of records has to do, Jerry Gaudet took on the extra task of gathering "good news" from our fellow '54 seniors. And what a great job he's doing.....with your help of course.

The list is getting so long that starting today, I'll be posting the GOOD NEWS in the order of "latest first." So be sure to scroll down to read all of the good things that have been happening with our fellow Wildcats.

From Jim Dellinger:

This welcome (good news) dose is from Jim Dellinger, MD and his wife Bertha;

On 19 June 2009 Bertha and I will celebrate our fiftieth wedding anniversary. We lived in a small town, Drexal, NC, 1964-2002 where I practiced Family Medicine for 38 years. When I retired we moved to North Myrtle Beach. We live at Barefoot Resort which is on a developed community with 4 golf courses. You know we have many golf courses within 25 miles. I still work part-time in community health clinics.

We have two children. Charlene, our older, is a college professor at University of Southern Connecticut in New Haven, CT. She has one child, girl age 10. Our son is the medical physicist for Pardee Hospital in Hendersonville. He lives in Asheville and has two children, Regan, age 12 and Noah, age 10. We are proud of all of them.

Jim Dellinger

From John and Anne Ballard

We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on June 7th last year. We celebrated in April by taking a riverboat cruise from Amsterdam, Holland to Antwerp, Belgium. This is the height of the flower season. Never saw so many tulips in our lives! We have two children, John, Jr. and Virginia. John has two girls, Amanda and Chelsea. Virginia is not married.

This is a photo that was taken next to our cruise boat that we took from Amsterdam to Antwerp, Belgium last April. We were celebrating our 50th anniversary early because we wanted to see the flowers in Holland. Our actual anniversary is June 7th. We have two adult children, John, Jr. (Laurie) and Virginia (Unmarried). John has two girls, Amanda, a Junior in college and Chelsea, a Junior in high school. All live near us in MN which is a blessing. Hope this reaches you OK.

This good news note comes from Jennie Margaret Forehand:

This is a picture of Jennie and Bill at the dedication of a Maryland Historical Monument to the Maryland member of the Lewis & Clark Expedition (1803-1806). Jennie and Bill drove the entire Lewis and Clark Trail a few years ago, and give presentations ("show and tell") to various groups about the Expedition.

Jennie adds that they are "groupies" at some of the conferences and lectures related to Lewis & Clark. In addition, she says, "Bill's collection of books and models (that he has made) have turned our dining room into the Lewis & Clark library and "shrine."

Andrea (Stalvey) and Chet Davis

CHS'54, in search of good news...Great idea!

Chet and I have been married 50 years (June 4, 1958), have three children and six grandchildren. My sister, Doddie, class of 1956, and I had a double wedding. We were married at Hawthorne Lane Methodist Church.

Andrea Stalvey Davis and husband ChetUNC TarHeels!

(That glass of Chapel Hill's famous red iced tea looks delicious. -Ed)

Responding to "in search of good news", it was good to hear from Kay and Tom Hurt:

We celebrated our 53rd wedding anniversary in January. It has been a wonderful ride of "Growing Up and Growing Old Together". We have four children..two girls and two boys...the love of our lives...six grandchildren and two great grands...All of these make our hearts beat. In other words, life has been good. On our 50th the children and grandchildren gave us a wonderful surprise party with about 150 guests. I think for the first time in Tommy's life he was speechless. It was wonderful seeing all the old friends and enjoying our family. We have had a special life and enjoy "Old Age" together. Tommy has a passion for gambling (so do I) and his old cars that he has redone. Life is so short and living with Tommy has been a whirlwind. (picture not available at this time)