Sunday, March 01, 2009

More "Good News" our 201K's ain't looking too good. But that's no reason to forget our REAL blessings. Jerry Gaudet's GOOD NEWS BLASTS of the past few days have reminded me of that.

So, whenever you need reminding, come to our website for a dose of Rx GOOD NEWS.54mg.

And, PLEASE, don't keep YOUR "GOOD NEWS" to yourself. Share it with us!

Good News by Jerry Gaudet
How good to hear from R.L. and Holly Clark as they share good news...

We were married July 11, 1964 in Arlington, Va. Hollys' father was a diplomat and though they lived in various countries, they always kept their house in Arlington. We have two children; Hollis-Ann whom we call Pepper, and her husband Will Stanford, live in Huntersville, N.C. They have two boys; Clark Meriwether Stanford is 11 and Robert-John MacPherson Stanford is 6. Both of our grandsons attend South Lake Christian Academy at Lake Norman. (We are driving over for R.J.s' birthday in March) Our son, Robert Lee Clark, Jr. (Lee) and his wife, Jill, live outside of Ann Arbor, Mich. with their two girls. Katherine (Katie) is 8 and Elizabeth (Lizzie) is 5. Both girls attend the public schools. Jill, Katie, & Elizabeth all have September birthdays so we plan to visit them in September. Will is from Eutaw, Ala. and is an Auburn Grad. Pepper is a Michigan State Grad. Jill is from Downers Grove, Illinois and is a Grad of Southwest Louisiana State. Lee is a Northern Ill. Grad. MBA from Auburn. Rereading this, I have probably included more than you requested but so what! We live in Fairfield Glade, Tn. basically a Retirement community in the mountains of Tn.( on a clear Day from the 14th Tee Box of Druid Hills golf course, one can see 4 mountain ranges). We have 5 golf courses so there is no question about how we spend our time. This epistle should express our Good News. R.L. Clark


I think sharing GOOD news is a great idea. There is enough bad news in the world. 1. My youngest daughter Kelli ( whose husband and her 5 year old live with us ) is expecting in August. 2. My middle daughter Alison ( whose husband and 2 girls live in Ohio ) is expecting in September. 3. My granddaughter Anna ( whose husband and her 1 year old daughter live in Florida ) is expecting in October. Her husband is a Youth Minister. 4. And last but not least my granddaughter, Lindsay Ellis Weaver (middle name was done for me...Poor girl !)! will graduate from Covenant College ( Lookout Mtn, Tenn. ) May 9 2009



Amen. It is always great to hear from you. Remember my immortal words: Keep yo' head up when you dribble. And, by all means, keep a proper lookout. Seriously, we are OK. Last year we went to Dallas for a Duke fraternity reunion and then to Kansas City for a reunion with our oldest daughter and her family. Perhaps that was a news event. We went to the Truman Library in Independence, toured a Harley Davidson assembly plant and drove by the Kansas City NASCAR track. You see, life is good.

The planes from Raleigh to Dallas to Kansas City and back to Raleigh were on time. Can you top it? In Dallas we went to the place where JFK was killed. Sad, indeed. Later, we had dinner at the Nasher Museum. We took a trolley to a liquor store where a car had driven through the front, smashing bottles everywhere. The shopkeeper was sweeping up the mess when we arrived. Luckily, his Scotch supply was untouched. So we soldiered on, doing what Old People do.

Sometimes I feel guilty because Becky and I have been so lucky. We met in early 1961. I am not sure when. All I know is this: It was a blind date. Three of us junior officers from the Mighty Wasp gathered up three women we did not know. We took them to the Charlestown Officers Club. All of us married our blind dates. One stayed married for over 20 years but divorced. The second stayed married until he died a few years ago. That leaves us, "steaming as before," as the ship's log says. So we sail on, thankful for our time together and eager to see what lies ahead.

Thanks for listening. Keep up the good work.


(Thought you'd like to see Warren and Becky's 100 year old house. I would love to know the history of this place. -Ed)

And.......we got a note from Barry Clark:

Here's a fairly recent picture of my daughter Lindsey and me. She's a beauty and a ringer for Princess Diana.

And, of course, I send my love to all '55 and '56! Each of you will be forever stored in my "Wonderful People and Memories" book of life. God bless each and every one of you.

(You're right about that, Barry. Lindsey obviously has her Mom's good looks.....and YOUR red hair! -Ed

How good to hear from Carolyn Taylor Powell...

...this is a picture of me with one of my critters that I rehab. I retired from nursing and have been full time volunteering for Animal Rehabilitators of the Carolinas since then. We work out of our homes and are state licensed, I moonlighted as a vet tech while a nurse for a time. I do squirrels, bunnies, opossums, chipmunks and turtles with broken shells, we are listed in the phone book if anyone finds a baby animal needing help.

I did see a lot of old friends at the reunion but only recognized a few, how we have changed.

I have been married since 1960 to an also retired air force major, a former pilot, that I met when I was an air force nurse. I have a daughter who lives in Conn. and a son living in Charlotte. We lived in Germany for 4 yrs, Tucson Arizona 5 yrs and Michigan for 5 yrs. before coming back to my favorite hometown Charlotte. Just so you know which Carolyn Taylor I am, I am not the one that made straight A's, though I did love getting her report cards once in a while, it sure did confuse Mrs. Bridges at Central to my is so nice keep up with all of us and so nice to hear about everybody... Carolyn L Taylor Powell

(Yes, there were TWO Carolyn Taylors in our class; Carolyn L. Taylor and Carolyn W. Taylor. I had a similar problem when I came to work at a Television station in Washington. There was another Ed Myers already on the competing station. So, guess who had to change his name to Lee Shephard? -Ed)