Friday, March 13, 2009

Ski Kings.....and queens

I love reporting on our Golden Years! If there were such as thing as "ratings" for websites, like there are in Television and Radio, I'll bet ours would be "through the roof."

Here's another "happily ever after" updates:

This one is from Maxcyne Motte Yaworsky

Somehow, I stumbled on the right formula and could separate these photos out of the file I had of our ski day with Steve and family. Boris is in the plaid jacket, standing on his ski tips in the snow, Nic is in the blue ski suit, and Steve is the giant that is to the far right in the family photo. Hope you enjoy! Incidentally, you do not see any cars in the parking lot because I am standing to the rear of all of them. The parking lot is on the top of this mountain, and you are looking east to see only the tiptops of the mountains in the background.

We have another budding athlete in the family. Cathy's second daughter, Brooke Hemsley, took first place in the State Championship competition in her division for power tumbling this past year. She went on to take first place in the Western division competition in Seattle, and later placed sixth in U.S Nationals. She plans to enter International Competion this summer or fall. She is 17, has a straight A Scholastic average , is a beautiful Modern Jazz and ballet dancer, and was a cheerleader last year. She gave up cheerleading this year so she would have time to teach dancing.