Sunday, March 08, 2009

WAITING for good news

Number one on most of our prayer lists right now is the good news we're hoping for Nancy Gibson Tomlinson to receive in the next few days. Nancy writes that:

... I go tomorrow for my Pet Scan and will have the results on the 12th - so your question is right on time. I will let you know as soon as I get the results from my doctor on the 12th. Tell everyone thanks for all the prayers - I can only hope for a clean slate but since I've had no treatment it will take a miracle for that kind of result. God does work in strange ways though. At any rate I plan to be in Charlotte with bells on May 8 and 9. Love ya - Nanc

Let's keep her in out thought and prayers!

Meanwhile, take a look at THIS fantastic family:

Nancy Gibson Tomlinson writes...

...this portrait was taken Easter last year when I had my family together for the first time in many years. Two grandchildren are missing. Mark's girls could not make it. Mark, my youngest son and his lady Carolyn, are on the end; Howard and I are next; Robb, my oldest son and his wife Judith are next; Melanie, my daughter and her husband Kevin are on the right end. Keira and Airi are Robb and Judith's children on the left - Tanner and Wesley are right in front of their parents Melanie and Kevin. Robb (has dual citizenship - Judith is Swiss) and his family live in Switzerland where they have their own Montessori School for 1st - 12th grades. Mark lives in Charlotte and has his own Stone Construction Business. Melanie and Kevin live in Venice where she is a Realtor and Kevin has his own Stump Grinding Business.

And Nancy adds...

I will say take a good look at the 13 year old on the 1st row - she is my carbon copy at age 13 in size and put a picture of her beside me at that age and we look like identical twins. She is even as tall as I am now and can wear my clothes.

(Remember, Click on picture to enlarge -Ed)