Thursday, April 23, 2009

Coach Edelman Recovering

I was relieved, and happy to hear from Coach Edelman last night. He suffered a rather severe stroke in February and only recently left the hospital and entered an assisted living facility (basically the same one his wife Ruth is in).

The Coach says there is still lingering damage (he is unable to write) but only two days ago graduated from a wheel chair to a he's making progress. Also, he sounds pretty much like his normal self on the phone....which is also a good sign.

He regrets that he'll not be able to attend our reunion on the 8th.....but sends his sincere regards and best wishes to all in our class! (Which, by the way, was the class that produced the BEST basketball team that Edelman says he ever coached.....28 and 2!)

Obviously, the stroke hasn't affected his MEMORY !