Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I still haven't come up with a real good name for short news updates about our classmates.

As I've mentioned, some of the most obvious...and best....modern journalism "headings" BREAKING NEWS.....or NEWSBREAK.....just aren't appropriate for people our age.

I was thinking about calling it, ODDS AND ENDS, but that might be offensive to some.

So, I've decided on calling it, RAMBLINGS............after a long gone classic publication.

In today's RAMBLINGS......

Betty Barnes Walpole suffered a fall following the last ice storm of the winter causing some minor brain damage. She is recuperating well and will soon undergo a neurological test before she would be allowed to drive again.

Betty has also been dealing with her grief over the loss of her husband, Ed, in July of 2008.

If you'd like to offer an encouraging word, her contact information is:
Betty Walpole
220 Club Meadows Ct.
Spartanburg, SC 29302-4217

The "ever upbeat, and supportive" Nancy Gibson Tomlinson says she's going to give Betty a call...

By the way, Nancy, like most of us, can't wait for May 8th. She is determined to be with us come "HECK or Highwater!"

She writes,

"We have to get all of my oxygen here and transport it with us - Dear Lord - don't let anyone hit us on the way - if they do we would not even have time to put our hand on the door handle. We will be carrying a generator and 32 cannisters of oxygen - needless to say we would be an ink spot on the road if we get hit so everybody keep there prayers going that we make it in good form. I just know I am supposed to make this trip so I really am not worried - I'm going to count on having my guardian angel traveling with me also. Love - Nanc"