Sunday, May 17, 2009

Good News Continues...

The staff here at the website is convinced that the nation's newspapers...which are having such difficulties surviving these days...have brought it on themselves by year after year reporting only the bad news.

We are not going to make that mistake here at the old "blue and white lady." Our policy is to print all the good news that fits. (Eat your heart out NY TIMES!)

For example, Don Nance's son Tommy is now free of cancer! Tommy was treated recently for
cancer of the thyroid.

These pictures were taken at the Relay for Life in Wytheville, Va on Friday, May 15. The first picture was taken on the first lap for survivors of cancer.

Stefanie, Tommy, and son Gabe.

Tommy and Gabe.........

and Gabe's friend "Pop."

(Click on pictures to enlarge-Ed)